Organic Coffee & Walnut Butter

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A NEW nut butter, infused with Fairtrade ground coffee beans.
No added sugar / low in sugar.
No added oil.
Low in carbs.
Vegan & gluten free.
Organic & plastic-free certified.
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Nutcessity makes organic, unconventional nut butter in new textures and flavours than what you might currently know! Since 2016 our founder Mike has been blending with almonds, walnuts, cashews and coconut to create something that satisfies his love of natural, nutritious and delicious food. All our products are vegan, plastic-free certified and with no added sugar or oil.

Our Coffee & Walnut Butter is a rich, dark, earthy & caffeinated alternate to peanut butter – without the peanuts! Walnuts are a great addition to the diet, seeing as they’re high in heart-healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids. Our stone-ground nut spreads have a smooth, but slightly coarse texture which we’d describe as being on the smoother end of ‘crunchy’ and ‘smooth’.

Organic Ingredients (Allergens in CAPITALS): WALNUT (35%), pumpkin seed, coconut, ground coffee bean (2.5%) & pink Himalayan salt* (* = approved non-organic ingredient). Contains CAFFEINE, so not recommended for children or pregnant women. Contains NUTS and may contain SESAME.

This product is peanut-free; check: for further guidance. The coconut we use is the roasted flesh, meaning you digest all the fibre from the fruit, as well as the heart healthy fats. Because we use coconut, the texture of our nut butter is fickle – it will be ‘set’, ‘firm’ or ‘fudgy’ in colder environments, and ‘creamy’ ‘smooth’ and ‘spreadable’ in warmer climates. For this reason, we don’t recommend you refrigerate our products – there is simply no need!

Being socially and environmentally responsible is important to us – which is why we are certified as organic and plastic-free. We use a paper-based label on our jars which is easy to remove. This way, you can use our unique squat jar again and again. Furthermore, consuming organic products has been proven to be a more sustainable action for our climate; reducing soil erosion and limiting the digestion of hormones, additives and pesticides (according to the Soil Association). When you buy a jar of Nutcessity nut butter, you are essentially buying a blended-up trail mix: to be spread, spooned, or chiselled onto whatever you like – porridge, pancakes or stewed fruit!