Organic Ceremonial Gold Matcha 50g

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Organic premium grade Matcha has been drunk by Zen Buddhist monks and Japanese emperors for over 800 years.

Here is a few why Matcha is so good for you:
- Slow release energy for 4-6 hours
- A fantastic natural energy booster
- Chock packed with antioxidants
- Helps stave off hunger

Organic Ceremonial Gold Matcha Matcha
Matcha is packed with antioxidants and is super good for you as well as tasting great.

Our organic Matcha is grown in Uji, Japan. Many Matcha connoisseurs consider Uji to have the ultimate terroir for Matcha cultivation - so our Matcha is the real thing. The green tea leaves are shaded, handpicked, dried and then milled by granite stone mills into an ultra-fine powder. Drunk by Zen Buddhist monks and Japanese emperors for over 800 years.

Matcha is a natural energy booster that slowly releases energy for 4-6 hours, helps stave off hunger and is packed with antioxidants.

Matcha is extremely versatile and can be used as hot tea, mixed with cold or hot water, blended with smoothies and juices, and for baking and food.

You can make a Matcha latte by mixing our traditional grade Matcha with hot milk or mylk. Add cane sugar, coconut blossom sugar or honey if that's your thing.

Preparation of Ceremonisl Matcha
To prepare a perfect bowl of Matcha tea you simply need to:

- Boil fresh water.
- Let the water cool down to 80°C (e.g. open kettle and wait for 10 min or pour the water at least 4-5 times into another cold pot – water loses 4-5° C with each decanting).
- Put 1g Matcha (2 bamboo scoops or ½ tea scoop) into the Matcha bowl.
- Add up 80ml of hot (80°C) water.
- Whisk the tea with a Bamboo Matcha whisker until a fine froth appears.

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