Olly wanted to make the best energy bars out there, tasty, with loads of texture and flavour. Not only as Olly done this, but Ollybars are made from natural superfoods, packed with raw fruit, nuts and chia seeds; Olly Bars are gluten free, dairy free and additive free. Have an Ollybar for breakfast, as a snack or to fuel your sports activities, naturolly... Ollybars are a balanced combination of macro proteins, carbs, fats and fibre made from raw ingredients like apples, almonds, chia seeds, flax, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, raspberries, apricots, raisins, dates, peanuts and cocoa butter. Ollybars are inspired to get you from one meal to the next without suffering any cravings or uncomfortable sugar crashes. Energy bars that do what they say on the packet, leaving you fulfilled, whilst delivering a nutritional boost to your every day needs on the go.
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