Nut Blend

Buy Nut Blend online at Borough Box. Nut Blend is all about feeling good. It currently consists of three 100% natural nut butters, each containing absolutely NO added sugar, sweeteners or flavourings – not even “healthy” sugars or those from dried fruit. Instead, we use premium, pure and delicious ingredients to provide wholesome energy and maximum feel-good flavour: no agave, no coconut nectar, no honey, no fruits, no salt, no oil - nothing. 'Perfect' is our signature flavour. It blends roasted almonds and hazelnuts with a pinch of cinnamon, vanilla and raw cacao. Its texture is velvety smooth and you can draw out subtle sweet notes of chocolate and hazelnut - the Perfect experience in every spoonful. 'Indulgent' is the richest in raw cacao, blitzed into the smooth almond and hazelnut base for a real chocolate experience. Its intensity is softened with a pinch of pure vanilla and cinnamon; and then we add crunchy raw cacao nibs (one spoonful is never enough...). Our most recent addition, Coconut Macadamia Butter, combines just two natural ingredients: macadamias and coconut - that's it. Sounds simple enough, but wait until you try it. Its texture is smooth and creamy and each taste is balanced between delicious, buttery macadamias and sweet coconut – only two ingredients, but so much more. Not only are Nut Blend nut butters completely unique in texture and taste, but with no additives or hidden ingredients, each spoonful will guarantee satisfaction in the healthiest way - and once you start...


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