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3 for £7.99! Choose any combination of 3 Raw Spirit Chocolate 30g Bars and make the most of this fabulous offer. 100% Dark and 100% full on flavour!

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Choose any 3 from the flavours below:

Mulberries & Vanilla: This chocolate bar is not for the faint hearted, it is 100% dark cacao bar with organic white mulberries and vanilla, this bar has no added sweeteners, we are using the sweetness of mulberries and vanilla pods to create this truly unique flavour.

Earl Grey & Nibs: A unforgettable blend of loose organic bergamot tea is ground down with the chocolate for 24hrs, ensuring a real flavour of pure Earl grey tea! All topped of with our organic raw Peruvian cacao nibs, adds that crunch to every bar!

Lemon & Black Pepper: This is our avant-garde flavour for our range at Raw spirit. A combination of Sicilian lemon with a warm delicate finish of crushed organic black pepper all infused in our smooth rich dark chocolate.

Pomegranate: This is our popular "superfood" bar, as its become known. Containing real organic pomegranate seeds and raw cacao it is a real treat! Its not everyday you will see real organic pomegranate seeds in chocolate, grab one and let us know what you think! The combination of super smooth chocolate with the crunchy texture of pomegranate seeds is truly unique!

Raw Plain Chocolate: This bars smooth and silky texture is achieved through our organic ingredients combined with the 24hr conch that all of our chocolate receives, this also brings out the ultimate bouquet of aromas only found in Raw spirit chocolate.

We are a family run business who believes in bringing people the best and purest form of organic chocolate possible. Born from a dream of making chocolate that could be enjoyed by everyone and bring some much needed health benefits as well! We made sure our chocolate was suitable for vegans and with a low GI, not using refined sugars and that our chocolate is lactose free, refined sugar free, palm oil free and soya free! We make pure chocolate with no additionals. 

Ingredients: Raw organic cacao nibs, Raw organic cacao butter, Organic dried Mulberries, real bourbon vanilla