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Mr Filbert's Deluxe Vegan Snack Selection

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Mr Filbert's Deluxe Vegan Snack selection contains only Vegan recipes that are also gluten free and dairy free - Enjoy as a treat, on the go or share with friends

DELUXE VEGAN SNACK BOX - A selection of our finest gourmet nut, seed and olives snacks, perfect at any time of day - A fantastic range of savoury recipes to satisfy all your snack cravings

Peruvian Pink Peppercorn Cashews & Peanuts: Roasted mixed nuts 94%, (cashews 47%, peanuts 47%), sugar, sea salt 1%, rapeseed oil, crushed pink peppercorns <1%.

French Rosemary Almonds: Ingredients: Roasted almonds 93%, sugar, rosemary, sea salt, rapeseed oil.

Rosemary Sea Salt Peanuts: Roasted peanuts 95%, sugar, sea salt 1%, rosemary <1%, rapeseed oil.

Indonesian Inspired Peppered Cashews: Ingredients: Roasted Cashews 94%, sea salt (2.4%), thickener: (acacia gum, glucose, maltodextrin), black pepper (1%).

Salt Crust Peanuts: Peanuts 93%, Thickener (acacia gum, glucose and maltodextrin), Salt 2.9%, Rice Flour.

Salt Crust Almonds with Lemon: Ingredients: Almonds (92%), Thickener: (acacia gum, glucose, maltodextrin), Sea Salt (3%), Rice Flour, Lemon Peel Powder (<1%).

Dry Roast Peanuts: Roasted peanuts 94%, salt, yeast extract, smoked paprika, ground celery seed (Celery), onion powder, rapeseed oil, garlic powder.

Pitted Green Olives with Fennel & Coriander: Ingredients: Pitted Green Olives (96%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Red Wine Vinegar, Fennel (0.3%), Coriander (0.15%).

Chilli & Fennel Mixed Nuts: Roasted mixed nuts 94%, (peanuts , almonds, cashews ) sugar, sea salt, garlic, Chipotle chilli, rapeseed oil, fennel, chilli powder, black pepper.

Pitted Kalamata Olives with Thyme & Parsley: Ingredients: Pitted Kalamata Olives (96%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Red Wine Vinegar, Thyme (0.3%) Parsley (0.15%).

Sea Salt & Herb Mixed Nuts: Roasted mixed nuts 92%, (peanuts 55%, almonds 23%, cashews 16%), sugar, sea salt 1.4%, Basil, Garlic. Rapeseed oil, Black pepper, Oregano <1%.

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