Signature Edition Spiced Red Rum 70cl Bottle

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Award-winning British Spiced Red Rum 70cl From Morant Bay, that blends the best of Jamaican heritage with English craft spirit production..


Morant Bay Signature Edition Spiced Rum 70cl is a new product and it was conceived from the history of sugar cane production in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Our Signature Edition red rum is produced using all Jamaican and Caribbean ingredients including blackstrap molasses, spices, cherry and hibiscus flower.

From the first taste your palate will detect a sweet rich flavour, the result of the infusion process using natural ingredients. The recipe has taken over 3 years to develop, with an outcome that is nothing short of amazing.

Produced in temperature controlled conditions in the UK, replicating the climate of the Caribbean, Morant Bay Rum is fermented and triple distilled to give you our rum its unique taste.

Our simple serving suggestion is to pour over crushed or cubed ice and enjoy neat, or in one of our Morant Bay Rum cocktails