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Assorted Green Tea, Fruit & Herbal Infusion in every colour of the rainbow.


Our MighTEA collection features every one of our intriguing rainbow tea blends, from FeisTEA Red and FlirTEA Orange, through to RoyalTEA Indigo and PreTEA in Pink. This variety pack is the perfect way to choose your favourite Raduga Tea or to ‘wow’ guests after a dinner party.

Every delicious concoction features taste sensations you won’t have experienced before. There’s rooibos and turmeric, pineapple and elderflower, cardamom and rose… not to mention one of my personal favourites – butterfly blue pea flower and blueberry (SereniTEA Blue – which turns purple when you add lemon juice).

Our teas are natural with no artificial colouring of flavouring and come either loose or in silky plastic free pyramids that were sealed ultrasonically rather than using glue.
All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers, and are hand blended and packed in the UK.

Everything can be traced back to the source.

All of our suppliers are screened, with thorough documenting of their 
processes, and audited where deemed necessary.


14 Silky Biodegradable Pyramids wrapped in a colourful envelopes, two of each colour of the rainbow.

FeisTEA Red

Inspired by English summers – roses in bloom, ciders in the sun and strawberries at Wimbledon – FeisTEA mingles fragrant rosehip and fruity apple with a generous helping of red berries.

FlirTEA Orange

Rooibos mingles with smooth honeybush – the exciting new kid on the herbal-tea block – comforting pumpkin and a cheeky sprinkle of spicy turmeric.

DainTEA Yellow

There’s nothing quite like a cup of sunny yellow DainTEA to lift the spirits. A lively herbal tea combining the unique taste of pineapple with aromatic rosehip and elderflower.

MisTEA Green

Two health powerhouses, green tea and peppermint, meet in this refreshing blend. Lime leaves and lime peel add a wonderfully zingy twist.

SereniTEA Blue

Heady, fragrant lavender meets a distinctive fruity pear flavour in this naturally sleep-inducing tea. It turns from deep blue to vibrant indigo purple when you add lemon juice.

RoyalTEA Indigo

Infused with delectable, sweet yet tart blueberry and earthy butterfly blue pea flower, RoyalTEA is a majestic combination of flavours worthy of a true kings and queens.

PreTEA in Pink

Tantalising rose entwines with spicy cardamom to give PreTEA in Pink a complex, well-rounded flavour, with traces of beetroot.


Each blend in Raduga tea’s MighTEA Rainbow collection creates a colour of the rainbow – and if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is!


Cardamom, rosehip, hibiscus, elderflower, pineapple… there are so many weird and wonderful flavours to discover in the Raduga Teas rainbow. Let me know your favourite on Instagram #RadugaTeas).


There are loads of different ways that the ingredients of Raduga Teas are thought (or known) help common health concerns including rooibos, rosehip, honeybush, hibiscus, peppermint and of course, green tea itself. Take a look at each tea’s Etsy page to read more:


FeisTEA Red

Apple Pieces (11%), Rosehip, Berries (18%) (Goji Berries, Freeze-dried Strawberry, Freeze-dried Cranberry), Beetroot, Red Peppercorns, Hibiscus, Pomegranate Flowers, Natural Flavouring.

FlirTEA Orange

Honeybush (22%), Rooibos (22%), Turmeric (14%), Carrot, Pumpkin Pieces, Orange Peel, Sea Buckthorn Berries, Safflower, Natural Flavouring.

DainTEA Yellow

Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Elderflower (15%), Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena, Sunflower Petals, Freeze-dried Banana, Freeze-dried Pineapple (3%), Natural Flavouring.

MisTEA Green

Green Tea (68%) (Chinese Chunmee, Japanese Sencha, Japanese Matcha), Freeze-dried Apple (8%), Lime (16%) (Lime Leaves, Lime Peel), Peppermint (8%), Natural Flavouring.

SereniTEA Blue

Chinese Sencha Green Tea (68%), Blue Pea Flowers, Blue Cornflowers, Freeze-dried Blueberry, Lavender (4%), Natural Flavouring.

RoyalTEA Indigo

Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Blue Pea Flowers (10%), Freeze-dried Blueberry(8%), Elderberries, Orange Peel, Natural Flavouring.

PreTEA in Pink

Japanese Sencha Green Tea (48%), Rosehip (17%), Mallow Flowers, Rose Petals (9%), Beetroot, Cardamom (4%), Natural Flavouring.


• Grab your favourite mug
• Brew the green teas (MisTEA, SereniTEA and PreTEA in Pink) at 80°C for 3 minutes, brew the rest at 100°C for 3 minutes
• Remove the bag
• For SereniTEA Blue – add lemon juice/slice to see the colour change!
• Enjoy, without milk, morning, afternoon or evening

Best Before - February 2020