Medlar preserve for cheese, 135g

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Our award-winning, eco-conscious, handmade medlar fruit preserve is packed with flavour and makes the ideal accompaniment to quality cheese. FREE shipping on four jars or more of any flavour.


This is the classic cheese accompaniment known as medlar cheese. Despite its name it is not actually a cheese, but a concentrated, sliceable fruit preserve which makes the perfect partner for cheese. It has a complex flavour which goes well with many types but is the perfect pairing for a sweet nutty cheese such as Comte or even a truffled or lightly smoked cheese. It is also delicious with game or with port and nuts to end a meal. It is a firm favourite at Christmas but also with foodies looking for something a bit different and rarely available.

Medlars are unusual fruit which look a bit like giant brown rosehips. They have been grown in this country for many centuries, and were loved by the Tudors and the Victorians, but fell out of favour and are rarely available commercially now. Our fruit comes mainly from garden trees in London and Essex.

Once harvested, late in the season, we allow our medlars to blet (ripen until soft) slowly in trays in a cool dark place for several days. We then cook them lightly and sieve them to a fine, smooth puree. After this we gently cook a small batch of puree with sugar, lemon juice and spice, hand-stirring all the while in the traditional way. It is a long process but results in an intense concentration of flavour and a glossy, set preserve with a fudgy texture. The flavour is rich and complex, with hints of date, apple and citrus, to which we add a little warm allspice.

As well as delivering top-quality flavour we are passionate about being as environmentally friendly as possible by reducing wasted food and championing locally-grown produce. All the fruit we use is grown locally and as much as possible is top-quality surplus produce which would otherwise waste for lack of an outlet.

We are thrilled that our medlar cheese won 2 stars in the 2018 Great Taste Awards. “Wonderful sheen and a great depth of flavour - a must for any cheese board." "What a revelation. Massive fruit hit, quite delightful with a lovely sweetness" Great Taste Award judges, 2018

Ingredients: medlars, sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin, allspice
Dietary advice: vegan, gluten-free.