Gluten Free Onion Focaccia Kit 300g - Special Offer

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Our Davina Steel Onion Focaccia kit is brand new, unique and one of the tastiest breads you are likely to try, the smell of it fresh from the oven will make you want to dive in right away, we guaranteee it.

Focaccia Kits

Focaccia … How can such a simple food taste so amazing? If the traditional gluten focaccia is known as The King of Italian Breads, our gluten free version is definitely The Queen! Two times winner of The Tiptree World Bread Awards (Yes Folks! You’re looking at “The Best Gluten Free Bread in the World”) along with 28 other medals over the last couple of years, we must be doing something right.

A great focaccia should be soft and springy with a delicate chewiness beneath the oil-infused, dimpled crust. The pull-apart perfection and delicious flavour combinations make this ideal for tearing and sharing over a lazy lunch.

The kits contains all the flavourings you need to create a simple loaf that will amaze everyone and keep them coming back for more.

Onion Focaccia

“Onion focaccia? Really?” That’s the response we normally get at food fairs and festivals. Then the tasting, and … “OMG! That’s awesome.” Here’s a nice little pat on the back for our main man, Dan for this idea. He was hankering after the perfect loaf for a sausage sandwich. Whilst our white is absolutely delicious, he begged for onion, so that’s what we made. He didn’t talk until he’d devoured the entire thing. This has become a bit of a weekend ritual and woe betide anything that gets in its way.

  • Unless you’re a lovely oozy grilled cheese sandwich on onion focaccia …
  • Or a Ploughman’s Lunch waiting for the finishing touch …
  • Or a Full English in need of the perfect toast …
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