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Mamma's Jamaican Fruit Cake

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Mamma's Jamaican fruit cake is a decadent treat for life's special occasions. It is the ultimate statement of a luxury as unique gift or for a special occasion.
It is a Great Taste award winner which is highly sought after for opulent occasions because of its unique taste and its premium quality.

The Great Taste judges described it as "a very dark moist cake, very rich and alcoholic. We loved what we received. It was gloriously moist, richly flavoured, and delightfully boozy. It was simple and very good." One bite and you will have a burst of delicious flavours tantalising your taste buds.

Our cakes are handmade made with attention to great quality in the heart of England, the West Midlands from a family recipe which is over 100 years old.

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Woolery Forbes is a Fine Food brand which is not found on the high street.

Our fruit cakes are loved and valued for their high quality as they are second to none. They are handmade with the finest ingredients in small batches as attention to detail is important for you to taste the love in each bite. It is affectionately called "Mamma's Jamaican Fruit Cake" as a tribute to the mothers in the family. This recipe like most recipes are passed down through the generations by the mothers (Mamma) for over 100 years.

The journey of all our fruit cakes except for our alcohol-free ones starts approximately a year before the cake is baked as selected dried fruits are hand cut and soaked in selected traditional Jamaican alcohol. The intimacy between the fruits and the alcohol builds a remarkable character. When the alcohol infused fruits, a unique blend of natural spices and other ingredients are skilfully combined, a distinctively exquisite cake is created. Whilst the product has the characteristics of an English pudding, it is affectionately referred to as a cake in the Caribbean.

Contains: Dried fruits, flour (Gluten), candied fruits, sugar, butter (Milk), egg (Egg), alcohol, milk (Milk), almond (Almond), mixed spices, salt.

Net Weight in kg - 1.8g e

Allergens are in bold (Gluten, Milk, Egg and Almond)

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