Madagascan Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut & Cardamom

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Cardamom in chocolate? Once you have tasted this you will know why!

The cardamom adds a unique flavour whilst being light and fragrant but enough to tantalise your taste buds. The final crunch of the roasted hazelnut completes your heavenly chocolate experience and keeps you feeling relaxed, pampered and indulged.


We use skimmed milk powder to cut down saturated fat and combine this with unrefined sugar so that we are still being conscious about what you eat. The Madagascan beans are combined with Raw Cacao Butter, which means this bar of chocolate has nearly as much antioxidant activity as Goji Berries!

This bar will whisk you off to chocolate heaven and will keep you smiling all day/night.

Contains Milk.
All ingredients are organic certified.