Luxury Stainless Steel Straws (curved, x 10) for entertaining & gifts.

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Our stylish, eco-friendly curved stainless steel straws are a beautiful alternative to plastic straws.

Made of tempered steel, this means that they are highly polished and longer lasting than other steel straws. Not only re-usable, they will add a glamorous and sophisticated look to your cocktails and non alcoholic drinks.


Provide the ultimate finishing touch to your cocktails or non alcoholic drinks, juices and smoothies with our stainless steel drinking straws.

Our curved stainless steel straws are made of the highest quality specially tempered 'inox' stainless steel. This means that they contain a little nickel, making them a more durable and superior quality steel straw with a lifetime of many years. This feature also helps improve the polish of your straws, ensuring that they add an contemporary and stylish look to your cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, which is important when you are entertaining.

Your straws will look beautiful in tall cocktails such as G&T, Mojitos and Pina Coladas. An exciting way of using them is to 'chill' your steel straws in the fridge (or the freezer for a few minutes) before use. A colder straw adds to the experience of drinking (especially on a hot Summer day) and really improves the taste of a drink, be it a cocktail or a smoothie. Put simply, it is a lush way to enjoy a drink and impress your guests.

Packed in a lovely gift box, our straws are 21 cm (8.5 inches) long, so are suitable for tall glasses ('Hi Ball' and 'Slim Jim' style glasses). They are 'pre-curved' meaning that all you need to do when you receive them is give them a quick wash before use.

Our straws add a touch of elegance for cocktails and other drinks you may be serving at home to family and friends. Our customers use them for parties they are putting on at home, weddings and they make lovely gifts. They may also be carried around for 'on the go' use.

Each pack of 10 straws comes with a matching wire cleaning brush. We recommend that the straws are cleaned this way rather than in a dishwasher so as to ensure they are cleaned properly.

A 10 pack with a free cleaning brush is £9.99 plus £1.26 shipping.

£9.99 for a pack of 10 (including a wire cleaning brush) plus £1.26 postage.