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Tastes like: Your favourite piece of dark chocolate but without all the calories!

Ready for the healthy & guilt-free chocolate experience everyone is talking about?

Discover Cocoa Husk Tea – made from the outer shell of the cacao bean - it's a plant-based, zero calories, naturally mood-boosting, caffeine-free chocolate tea that can serve as a guilt-free afternoon snack or a gentle pick-me up whenever you need it!

How does a calorie-free chocolate experience sound? Dairy-free & sugar-free? All possible with COCOA HUSK TEA!


Ready, sip, go!


Our Story: We founded The Cocoa Concept to introduce a unique, healthy and guilt-free chocolate tea accessible to everyone. There is a way to live a healthy life without depriving yourself and sometimes it’s the little things – like a cup of Cocoa Husk Tea a day that can change your whole day.


Product: 75g bag of delicious loose Cocoa Husk Tea - makes up to a min. of 26 servings!



  • You can simply brew it like any other loose-leaf tea. Use a tea strainer, teapot, or reusable tea bag.
  • We recommend using 1-3 tsp. of Cocoa Husk Tea, add 250ml of boiling water and let it brew for 5-10min. The longer the brew the more intense the flavour! We love to add a splash of coconut milk on top but there are no limits – be creative!
  • Love it iced? No problem! Brew as described and add some ice cubes to the mix!


More than just a tea …

  • There are endless ways to incorporate Cocoa Husk Tea into exciting recipes, from using Cocoa Husk Tea as the base for your porridge or creating a chocolatey chia pudding or smoothie!


Why Cocoa Husk Tea?

  • Whether you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, support your fitness journey or just have a mindful moment - Cocoa Husk Tea is for you!
  • We want to focus on pure and wholesome ingredients and say goodbye to artificial or natural flavourings, preservatives or additives and sweeteners no one can pronounce. Let’s keep it simple, healthy & delicious!


Nutritional Information

  • 100% natural Cocoa Husk Tea
  •  Plant-based
  •  Zero calories
  •  Dairy-free
  • Caffeine-free


Storage & Dates

  • Best before date: will be displayed on the back of your bag
  • Keep in sealed packaging. Store in a cool & dry place away from direct sunlight


Delivery Information:

  •  FREE UK DELIVERY including the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland!
  • Your order will be with you within 2-5 working days




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