London's Burning - Spicy Craft Jerky

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Farm Gate to Plate. Using our Olde English family recipes, the CopperNose Bros make some of the craftiest all natural "naked" British jerky in the country. Inspired by You, Crafted by Us... are you ready to get naked?


London’s Burning Spicy Craft Jerky! Agnes Coppernose was a London girl through and through. A strong proud woman, she boasted the best recipe for spicy food in the whole of the disease ridden city and was even voted Spitalfields "Ms Hot & Choleric" of 1666. However, a baker named, Thomas Farriner from Pudding Lane challenged this, stating Agnes recipe was more mild than spicy. Outraged, Agnes took to her kitchen and prepared the strongest dish she could and presented the blistering grub to the impudent baker. The ingredients were so powerful that the wooden houses couldn't take the heat and caught fire. As the flames consumed the plague ridden city, Agnes turned to the slightly singed Farriner and proudly exclaimed, "You don't think it's too hot do you?!" Today, CopperNose honours Agnes by using her recipe for our Spicy Jerky and it isn't for the faint of heart.