Lime & Elderflower Hard Seltzer 5% ABV (12 x 330ml) - Alcoholic Sparkling Water

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A light and refreshing blend of fruit-based alcohol, sparkling water and natural flavourings of lime and elderflower. Low in sugar, and containing nothing artificial, this is a healthier alternative that's still big on flavour. Vegan and gluten-free.


Each can sold donates to Sea Shepherd UK to support marine conservation, so you can do your bit with every sip.

Founded by two brothers looking to bring something different to the drinks industry, Arrowtown hard seltzers are drinks that make a difference. Their simple mix of sparkling water, alcohol and natural flavours, provide a healthier alternative to bloating beers and sugary spirit mixers. Light and refreshing, and made with taste the priority, there's no need to compromise anymore.

They've also long believed that making a difference shouldn't be difficult. Now it isn't. Each of their flavours supports an environmental charity, so now doing your bit for the environment is as easy as changing your drink. They've partnered with Tusk and Sea Shepherd UK, so you can sip easy knowing every can is supporting African or marine wildlife conservation.

Do your bit with every sip.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, fermented apple wine base, British beet sugar, natural flavourings, acid; citric acid, natural elderflower flavour.

This flavour contains no common allergens.

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