Lemonade Swing (12 x 250ml) - Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Seltzer

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A truly refreshingly gorgeous seltzer with no added sugar and less than 50 calories per can, made from real lemon and Lime fruit with a healthy dash of apple cider vinegar, distilled botanicals, and sparkling water for a clean but complex delight for your taste buds and your gut too because your gut health is important.

A refreshing apple cider vinegar soda pop: with no sour notes. This world Innovation award winning Sparkling drink, Jitterbug, is made with 100% real fruits, lightly sweet but has no added sugar or sweeteners. Just ACV goodness captured in a can. This lightly sparkling drink is plant based, perfect for vegans and ACV drinkers as it provides an alternative yet efficient way to enjoy ACV without the sour notes.


Being made with real lemon and lime and containing less than 50 Calories per can, our drinks offer the perfect splash of refreshment for work and play with zero worries.


Apple cider is known to have many health benefits, a major one being maintenance of gut health. A healthy gut provides important support for your immune system.


A healthy balance of ACV and natural juices, Jitterbug Lemonade Swing is tooth kind made with subtle citrusy lemon and lime flavour, our seltzers are lightly sweet and sure to hit those sweet and tangy spots.


Each 250ml can with ingredients: Water, apple juice from concentrate with apple cider vinegar (33%), Lime juice from Concentrate (1.5%) Lemon Juice from Concentrate (1.5%), Carbon dioxide, natural flavour, natural colouring (concentrate of apple, safflower and lemon), stabiliser: gum arabic


Packaging: BPA Free Packaging, all our cans and cartons are made with recyclable materials to help the earth stay in its natural rhythm. Box dimensions 21x16x13.5cm, 3.3kg.


Storage: Ambience. Shelf life of this product 12 months

Allergens: None.

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