L'Aperidinner Italian Cheese & Charcuterie - Medium Box

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Traditions always evolve and the aperitivo is no exception. A modern trend, particularly in the university cities of the north is to create a more substantial amount of food during the aperitivo and this has become known as ‘l’apericena’. We have created our adaptation of this with L’aperidinner. Enjoy the carefully selected cured meats, delicious specialist cheeses, lovingly created focaccia with condiments and appetizers to accompany superbly.

Contents of the box:

  • 4 Focaccias of 120g each 
  • 3 Italian Appetisers 
  • 1 Dip 
  • 2 Chutneys 
  • 2 Jams 
  • Selection of different Italian Cured Meats (approx. 500g in total) 
  • Selection of 4 different Italian Cheeses (approx. 400g in total)


All the products will be handpicked based on availability and seasonality to create the best pairings.


Delivery info

Shipped in our chiller boxes to guarantee arrival in peak condition.  All meats and cheeses are sent out in premium condition and we recommend assembling the contents within a few days of receipt so it all tastes as best as it can.  However, best before dates for all our products can be found on the individual products' labels. Our whole and ambient products will have longer use by dates which will be displayed on the packaging.



All of our cheeses are 100% dairy.

Our focaccias contain gluten.

Some of our condiments may contain nuts.

Some of our meats contain sulphites.

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