Finest Organic Matcha Tea - perfect for drinking straight up! (30g)

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Kineta's Finest Organic Tea is ceremonial grade and is delicious served straight up. It has a smooth, grassy favour.


Our Matcha is 100% the real thing. Sourced from an organic farm near Nishio, Japan, the green tea is shade grown to boost the nutrients and then stone ground to preserve them.

Why do we love Matcha?

GREEN ENERGY- L-Theanine in Matcha works with the natural tea caffeine for a slow release energy.

ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE- 17 times more than blueberries!

FOCUS YOUR MIND- Zen Buddhist monks use Matcha to create a state of mental alertness and clarity.

BOOSTS METABOLISM- Matcha increases thermogenesis ie. Helps you burn more calories.

About the brand.
Founded by Leane, Kineta is an adventurous health and lifestyle brand based in Devon.

‘Kineta’ is derived from the word ‘kinetic’. Without kinetic energy, the world around us would be still and lifeless. The core principles of Kineta are the opposite of these things. We love energy. We love action. We love adventure. We love life.

So, while our business is based around Matcha, as a brand we aim to encourage everyone to live a more vibrant, active and healthy life. After all, life is short. So we say #Matchamise it with #BetterEnergy. Champion the unconventional.