Keto-donut Mixed Tray Box of 6

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We get it - you want it all. And we don’t blame you. By default, we will put in 2 Original, 2 Karamel, and 2 Chocolate Orange in the mixed tray. However, please pop a message in the order notes if you would like to favour your favourite flavour ;-) The ultimate sharing box.

KETOnut | keto-donut |
(n.) A sneaky donut that disguises itself as a naughty sugary treat when in reality, it is packed full of nutritious organic ingredients, and sugar free!

Yep, you’ve heard us right, TASTY sugar-free donuts! Sound the alarms, light the smoke signals, and tell all of your friends, its donut eating time! Handmade here in Bristol using only the highest quality organic, gluten-free ingredients, we’ve teamed up with nature to create a tasty treat guaranteed to satisfy sugar cravers of all shapes and sizes – and all while keeping insulin levels low, balanced and happy. Release the devil in you, and feast on these keto-friendly snacks!

Eggs, Nuts, Milk (Karamel). This bakery uses nuts and other allergens in some of our products. We have controls within our bakery that separate these allergens from other ingredients and limit the ability for contamination. However, given we hand make an unsealed product, we cannot guarantee that our doughnuts have zero contact with these allergens.

Best enjoyed the day of delivery. Safe for home freezing in an airtight container for up to 2 months.

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