Kataifi (Gianniotiko) Individually Wrapped with Pistachio 210-230g

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Kataifi (Gianniotiko) Individually Wrapped with Pistachio 210-230g (6 pcs) by Cretanlife


Greek Kataifi with Pistachio (Gianniotiko) -6pcs individually wrapped by Cretanlife: Greek Kataifi is known as the King of candy syrups in Greece. It has its roots in the Middle East and stands out because of its special fibrous dough. It has a crisp form, that softens when you eat it due to its syrup centre. The aroma of the butter dominates the flavour and inside it lies a rich crispy nut filling. Try it with some vanilla ice-cream and prepare to be amazed! Nutritional Value per 100gr Energy 342.5kcal /1435kJ Total Fat 5.2g of which saturated 2.1g Carbohydrates 60g of which Sugar 32g Dietary Fiber 0.2g Protein 4.8g Salt 0.1g Ingredients: pastry sheets crust & kataifi-wheat flour- salt, corn starch, Presevative: propionate calcium E282, pottassium, sorbate E202, acidifying agent-citric acid E330-sugar, glucose syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (cottinseed or sunflower) and partially hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut palm) flavor, food pigment: carotene-B-Pistachio, rusk, cinnamon, clove, vanilline, butter flavor