Kashmiri Rogan Josh Spice Blend

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This aromatic lamb curry is a signature dish of Kashmiri cuisine, and is one of the main dishes in the famous multi-course meal, wazwan.

Fit for the Moghuls, and a surefire hit for your table.


Kashmir is a place where one sees nature at its height, a soul-stirring spectacle which will linger in one’s mind forever. The cuisine is a magnificent blending of the culinary arts of the Moghuls and the Kashmiris.

Our Kashmiri Rogan Josh ships with an authentic recipe card and contains 60g of spice blend which makes between 12-18 servings.

For an even more authentic result add our Original Garam Masala to your order, to use as the perfect finishing spice in this recipe.

Whereas all our spice blends are vegan friendly and gluten free, you may need to use your favourite vegetarian, vegan and gluten free alternatives in our recipes and serving suggestions where required.