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Pure Pecan Butter 170g - 100% Raw Mexican Pecans

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Pure Raw 100% Chilean Pecan Butter

First, we activate by soaking in sea salt and spring water, reducing harmful compounds and improving digestibility, then we gently dehydrate to remove moisture. Finally, we mill into your favourite pecan butter. As it is technically raw our pecan butter does taste fresher and cleaner on the palate than others you may have tried. Naturally sweet and warming, great on toast, or use in your favourite recipes.

No additives! No palm oil! No sunflower oil! Made in the UK

Decadent and warming raw pecan butter made from the best Mexican pecans.

Instead of roasting, first, we soak to activate pecans, then gently dehydrate at low temperatures to preserve the awesome natural flavour, before milling.

This is a must for the dessert creators, pecan lovers, nut butter addicts, foodies, well, everyone really! Use our pecan spreads on bread or pancakes or bake a pecan and maple cake!


100% Raw Almonds not Roasted, No Palm Oil No Sunflower Oil!

Produced in a facility that process other NUTS and SESAME seeds

Glass Jar Recyclable Aluminum Lid Recyclable

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