Become a BoroughBox™ Affiliate

The BoroughBox affiliate program enables you to earn a referral fee by using your own network of customers, readers or social media followers Click here to sign up.

You can promote BoroughBox to visitors to your website, members of your email newsletter list, twitter followers or people that have liked your facebook page.

The BoroughBox affiliate program is simple and free to sign up to - you simply register an account and then use a range of banners, buttons or text links to promote BoroughBox to your audience.

The commissions you could earn are very healthy and an excellent way to augment your company or personal income. You could earn up to £35 for a new subscriber to the BoroughBox Discovery Club!

How it works

  • Once you have signed up you will be given your own custom link to the BoroughBox website which contains your affiliate referral code
  • We supply banners and other marketing material you can use to help drive potential customers to the BoroughBox website
  • Should the site visitor then sign up to the discovery club or make a purchase in the BoroughBox marketplace we will pay you a commission for referring that person to us. Simple!

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Being an affiliate means that you can:

  • Generate extra revenue for your website, business or beer money!
  • Track sales in real time
  • Get access to many marketing materials to help you sell it
  • Earn excellent commission of up to £35 per subscriber and 10% of ANY online marketplace sales
  • Easily integrate it into your website or social media channels


Are there any restrictions?

There are a few limitations which are explained in the affiliate control panel in our affiliate introduction. Some quick examples are:

  • You can't place paid for adverts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Search Network ads promoting our brand - that's because we do that. But you can post to your followers or introduce our products and services to your customers through your email newsletter or within your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed.
  • Don't submit our website to directories as we're already in the ones we want to be in.


Let's get started!!

If you're a fan of BoroughBox and our products and services or you think you have a potential audience that will be interested in our products then let's get you started so that you can make some money!

Simply click here to start the sign up process on the R.O.EYE affiliate network and apply to join the BoroughBox program! Easy!