Hot Curry Lover's Boom Box

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4 hot curry kits from Boom Kitchen's award winning range. Look no further for authentic curry house heat.


This Boom Box comes with the following recipes:

Magic Bhuna - the aromatic magic carpet ride starts the moment you chuck the whole spices into the pan Jalfrezi Heatwave - crack open a cold one and bask in the authentic curry house heat Ayubowan Sri Lankan – getting up in your face with black pepper, fiery finger chillies and aromatic curry leaves. Lday Naga (our twist on the Vindaloo)- this fiery femme fatale will seduce you with her sweetness and complexity, but beware the kiss of death; the longer you leave the infamous Naga chilli in the mix, the more dangerous this liaison becomes About Boom Kitchen's award winning range: Celebrated for their speed, restaurant beating flavour and irreverent instructions. Kits contain all the curry crafting compontents for a home cooked culinary adventure. Guranteed to raise the temperature in your kitchen. Faff free scratch cooking - prep and cook in 30 minutes. Each kit serves two to three people and includes easy to follow cooking instructions. Gluten free, vegetarians and vegan friendly with substitutions.