Hot and Fruity Sauce – Compulsion

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Compulsion is the East Coast Chilli Company's hot and fruity sauce!

1 x 166g bottle of Compulsion.
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Compulsion is the East Coast Chilli Company's hot and fruity sauce!

Rich, dark and fruity deliciousness, with a sting in its tail. We use simple ingredients, perfectly balanced to create the complex flavours in this sauce. Delicious fruity flavours followed by a gradual burn and the heat of the infamous naga or ghost chilli.

The complexity of Hot and Fruity makes this a firm office favourite here at the East Coast Chilli Company. Every mouthful is a jouney: starting off in Fruity-town, all innocent and slightly sweet - how lovely - on to Heats-ville where the spices and tomato flavours tickle the throat, and it's then that you realise you've bought a ticket to Hot City.

This sauce is perfect for any food but the bold flavours stand up especially well against gutsy, hearty comfort foods - think cold cuts with hunks of bread, hot dogs, pork pies and sausage rolls, or stirred into soups, stews and casseroles. It's especially good during the cold winter months when the Naga heat will warm you right up and the fruits will remind you of sunnier times.

Ingredients: Water, prunes (preservative: sorbic acid), white vinegar, tomatoes in tomato juice (citric acid), Naga/Ghost chillies, salt.