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Lemon Seed Clusters 12 x 50g

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A three seed vegan cluster (sunflower, pumpkin and chia) and other cereals clustered with chicory root fibre and naturally flavoured with Sicilian lemon oil

Our founder has been in this industry for 50 years. The technology to make these types of clusters was developed by our founder, and has been progressed to bring a high protein range of sweet and savoury products to the market whilst not compromising on taste, flavour and texture. We have utilised different proteins in the product range to fit the product concept and we continue to develop new products to the range which will be available soon


Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, chia), Oat flakes, Chicory root fibre, Rice crispies, Puffed barley, Sugar, Tapioca starch, Natural flavouring, Citric acid.


Energy (kj)                                       1745

Energy (kcal)                                   417

Protein (g)                                       10.8

Carbohydrate (g)                           52.1

- of which is sugars (g)                 14.4

Fat (g)..                                              14.6

- of which is saturates (g)            1.8

Fibre (g).                                           16.9

Salt (mg).                                          Nil

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