Handcrafted Remedy Cocktail (500ml)

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Unfiltered Remedy cocktail, carefully handcrafted in Catford, London. Our Remedy cocktail has now officially become a star product, winning two stars in the Great Taste Awards this year! Remedy is made with Fernet-Branca, an Italian type of Amaro, a bitter, aromatic spirit. It contains a number of herbs and spices and has long had a reputation for having medicinal properties hence the name given to our cocktail: Remedy. Traditionally, Fernet is served as an aperitif but this delightful cocktail can be enjoyed before or after a meal.
Ingredients: Brandy, orange liqueur, Fernet - Branca, honey, bitters Serving suggestion: pour 100ml over ice (or serve neat) with a slice of orange 50cl 24% ABV
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