Handcrafted Organic Makaibari Second Flush Darjeeling LOOSE LEAF TEA

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Handcrafted Organic Makaibari Second Flush Darjeeling LOOSE LEAF TEA, 100g caddy

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Darjeeling is located high up in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas where tea was introduced to the area by the British in 1856. This region produces some of the finest teas in the world since the conditions there are perfect: High altitude, well drained soils, temperatures that range from 8 to 25 C and enough cloud cover to protect the young leaves from drying out or burning.

Unlike the famous teas of Assam which are indigenous to the region, Darjeeling was planted with Chinese Camelia Sinensis so the flavours of the teas produced in these two regions are vastly different.

Darjeeling is often referred to as the "Champagne of teas," with musky-sweet tasting notes similar to Muscat wine. But it can also have delicate vegetal, mossy, fruity, and citrus flavours, sometimes peach and floral notes.

Whilst classified as a black tea, Darjeeling teas are almost always less oxidized than a typical black tea so that they can look more like an oolong semi-fermented tea and in some cases they look quite green in their preparation. The unique flavour of Darjeeling comes from Chinese tea genetics mixed with Indian terroir along with the intricacies of harvesting and processing. It's lighter and less astringent than most black tea, but more layered and complex than most greens. There are two harvests in Darjeeling – first and second flush and each brings about its own flavours. The first flush teas are often delicate but display beautiful sweetness and astringency with fragrant flavours. The second flush brings teas with bigger, deeper flavours with winey and fruit-like nuances.

The leaf is a black FTGFOP. (Fine, tippy, golden, flowery orange pekoe).

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