HAH Whisky

HAH Whisky sources the finest Malts, Grains and Bourbons the world has to offer, laying them down for the long rest but keeping a watchful eye. Once they reach optimal maturity, we bottle our unique expressions for the enjoyment of whisky enthusiasts everywhere. Join us in exploring every flavour and nuance that Scotland has to offer, as we adventure through the world of whisky! Currently on BoroughBox there is a choice of two fantastic 1989 Bunnahabhains. Bunnahabhain is on the very north of the Scottish island Islay, and it is the only distillery on the island that uses pure, spring water. This pure, spring water is unpeated as it is piped directly from the Margadale River to the distillery; leading to the lighter signature character of the Bunnahabhain. With a finish of honey, nutmeg and smokey oak - these are whiskies not to be missed!
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