Rosemary Infused - Premium Handcrafted & Extra Hot Habanero Chilli Oil - 100ML

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Etinde House Premium Rosemary Infused Habanero Chilli Oil in our flagship 100ML Size. This Extra Hot Chilli Oil will change the game at every meal. This premium & deliciously extra hot chilli oil is traditionally handcrafted using a 20-year old original family recipe and only the finest ingredients to ensure you get the best of provenance.


Our Etinde House Chili Oil Rosemary Infused is made from two of the world's hottest chillies, the Habanero & Carolina Reaper chillies. A luxury & fiery hot Chili Oil with a lingering and unforgettable flavour. You’ll only need a little drizzle to make a difference; The 100ml Rosemary Infused flavour and will go ever such a long way.

The heat comes in a slow and slick release which improves flavour like nothing else does. Leverage your Lasagna, strengthen your Stew, revv up your Curry. Experience our premium chilli oil, Eh-Co. An indisputable staple! Spread the heat, chose the Rosemary Infused variety and take the spice up a few levels. Eh-Co is a premium vegan friendly range of deliciously extra hot chilli Oils.

Those who like hot sauce, will love this better and more versatile alternative. Are you a spicy food or hot sauce lover? We've got you covered. With our Rosemary Infused flavour, you won't be left wanting for flavour. Whether you prefer to use it as an ingredient or drizzle as a condiment, this is sure to revv up your meals like nothing else.

A definite condiment and sauce staple for your grocery cupboard. Etinde House Chilli Oils deliver the best of provenance; made with sustainably grown extra virgin/cold pressed Rapeseed oil (UK Grown), Habanero chilli, Carolina Reaper Chilli & Rosemary. Our products are suitable for vegans and are free from dairy, gluten, artificial additives, artificial colouring & preservatives.