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Gluten-Free Pre-biotic Pancake/Waffle/Crepe Mix 500g

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Gluten-Free Pre-biotic Pancake or Waffle or Crepe Mix. 50 Servings of 10cm wide pancakes

Benefits of our green banana flour mixes include:


Green bananas are highly nutritious, and an excellent source of pre-biotics fibers, vitamins (vitamin C, B6, Provitamin A), minerals (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc), bioactive compounds such as phenolic compounds.

Natural low release carbohydrates, and highest food form with Type 2 Resistant Starch in your diet, which contributes to a healthy gut and immune system, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too.

100% Gluten-free, No Preservatives.


Recent studies show that green banana flour, because of resistant type 2 starch, has the following effects:

Kidney cleansing/liver regeneration properties

Anti-inflammatory properties

Help with weight loss (manages satiety with slow carbohydrate release)

Benefits heart health.

Improves blood sugar management.

Improves insulin sensitivity.

Improves digestive health through effect on the microbiome.



Grown from sustainable source. Products are purchased and processed locally, supporting the small-scale farmers and employing nearby villagers in Cepaka, Bali, Indonesia.


To Make ten 4inch/10cm sized pancakes you will need

100g (1/2 Cup) Pancake Mix

160ml (2/3 Cup) Milk (or alternative)

5ml (1tbsp) Oil (we use virgin coconut oil)

1 small egg 45-55g (or egg substitute)

160ml of milk (or substitute)

Whisk eggs until foamy. Slowly add the premix, milk, and oil. Mix everything until batter is smooth and pourable, adding a little extra milk if necessary. Pre-heat frying pan on low heat. Ladle batter into pan, making about 10cm diameter pancakes. Wait until tiny bubbles and holes appear, then flip over and cook for another 20-30 seconds. Timing varies depending on the heat of the stove, but each pancake should take about 1 minute to cook.



Banana Flour, Rice Flour, Brown Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda

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