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The big one, all 12 spice mixes in one gift set.

You will receive all 12 flavours in a gift tin that can be used to store your spices.  Each individual mix has enough spices to make 5 meals for 4 people, so that’s 60 meals per gift set.

Each one has a dual purpose and has been specially blended so it can be used either as a quick marinade for BBQ's or grilling as well as being able to be used to make a delicious full meal such as a curry or casserole.

In the tin you will also receive our "BBQ like a Spice Master", easy to follow recipe card.  You can also find our simple to follow Spice Master recipes on the website, one for each spice mix we do, these will show you exactly how best to create a delicious meal in minutes.


  • Blend No.1 Tikka - Originating in the Punjab it means bits and pieces. Serve over fried onions, with warm naan & minted yogurt.

  • Blend No.2 Cajun - Associated with Louisiana, America. Works well with steamed rice & aromatic vegetables such as peppers and onions.

  • Blend No.3 Piri Piri - With roots in both Africa and Portugal.  Works well with crispy potatoes & a cooling yogurt dip.

  • Blend No.4 Harissa - Used heavily throughout North African countries it has a wonderfully fragrant.  Works well with chick peas or hummus.

  • Blend No.5 Jerk - Developed in Jamaica and popular with Caribbean/West Indian communities.  A spicy flavour that works well with a simple dish of steamed rice.

  • Blend No.6 Zatar - Can be traced back to biblical times and used heavily in the Middle East.  Wonderfully fragrant it works well with flatbreads & a simple salad.

  • Blend No.7 Tandoori - Commonly believed to originate in the Punjab it’s universally known.  Serve over pilau rice with minted yogurt.

  • Blend No.8 Merguez - Has it’s roots in North West Africa, popular in both Middle East & Europe.  I beautiful aromatic flavour that works well with potato wedges and coleslaw.

  • Blend No.9 Mexican - A wonderful flavourful blend that’s not too fiery (add more chilli for a real kick).  Works well with tortilla wraps, a bean salad & a squeeze of lime.

  • Blend No.10 Korma - Has its roots in the Indian subcontinent, it has a mild and fragrant flavour.  Serve with vegetable rice and warm naan.

  • Blend No.11 Berere - The backbone of Ethiopian Cuisine, a complex flavour that is very versatile.  Works well with beans or lentils.

  • Blend No.12 Ras El Hanout - Common in North Africa it features heavily in Moroccan cuisine.  Works well with couscous & lemon juice.