Garlic Spice Drops (Pack of 2)

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Like all our extracts, Garlic Spice Drops® do not need cooking to taste great. Our extracts retain all the natural goodness of the plants so adding Garlic Spice Drops at the end of cooking or to raw dishes is the equivalent of eating raw garlic.

Garlic bread: 50g butter, whisk well, add 12 drops and whisk again. Brush bread with olive oil. Fry for 2 mins on each side in a hot frying pan. Spread with butter and serve.

Spice Drops® are concentrated extracts that retain all the natural goodness and flavour of the herbs, fruits and flowers.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE For best results use in the final stages of preparation or just before serving. For drinks, add the drop(s) first in the container and pour the drink on top. Shake well before use. If stored correctly, stays fresh for up to 3 years. Spice Drops® mix easily with your chosen food and drink. We match the proportion of emulsifier to each concentrated spice extract. Water soluble. Fat soluble. Emulsifier is derived from plants.

NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURINGS NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS RATIO 1 drop for 200ml or more for a stronger flavour. 3 drop = 1 clove of garlic.

INGREDIENTS Emulsifier - Polysorbate 80 and Garlic extract (15%).


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