French Kiss - Garlic and Chilli Craft Jerky

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Farm Gate to Plate. Using our Olde English family recipes, the CopperNose Bros make some of the craftiest all natural "naked" British jerky in the country. Inspired by You, Crafted by Us... are you ready to get naked?


A French Kiss. During the Second World War, Tommy Coppernose had been running guns for the French Resistance, on behalf of Her Majesty of course. During his time there, Tommy had become closely acquainted with a beautiful young resistance fighter named Margot; she had a face that launched a thousand Sherman Tanks. When the war finally ended, Tommy was recalled to Britain but not before claiming that long awaited kiss from his French temptress. On his way home a young soldier asked him how the Gallic embrace was, to which the stouthearted young Tommy happily responded, "Garlicky but with a real heat to it!"; Tommy's been addicted to garlic & chilli ever since! Today, the CopperNose Bros honour Tommy by using a recipe inspired by his garlicky encounter and to all those that have served and are currently serving.