Freeze Dried Fruit Multi-Pack Mixed (Pineapple, Strawberry & Mango)

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Not sure which flavour to get? Why not try our Mixed Box?
4 x Pineapple, 4 x Strawberry & 4 x Mango

Freeze Dried Fruit packed full of Colombian sunshine!

Each pack contains 100% freeze dried fruit with nothing added or taken away, is gluten free, suitable for vegans and has less than 40 calories.

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Colombia has a near perfect climate, blessed with all year-round sunshine! This makes for the most wonderful fruit, but by the time it’s shipped to the UK, some of the flavour and nutritional value is lost.

By freeze drying our fruit at its ripest, we bring you the fabulous taste of Colombian fruit with absolutely nothing added or taken away! This process preserves all the goodness and turns our fruit into light and crispy snacks.

Why ‘La Chiva’? In the Colombian countryside, Chiva buses are the only way to travel. They take our workers to the farms, then the fresh fruit to the market. Without these hard working little “donkeys” we couldn’t bring you our super delicious freeze dried fruit... so we named our brand after them!

Ideal for on-the-go snacking, children lunchboxes or as a topping on cereal, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate and more!

Available to purchase as a Mixed Multi Pack of 12