Four Speciality Tea Selection

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A lovely Selection of Four Global Speciality Teas in a Beautiful Bottle Green Gift Tube chosen just for you.

Teas have been consumed for thousands of years, initially in Asia and originate from the leaves of the camellia bush. Introduced into Europe in the 16th Century, tea is now a worldwide occupation and in Britain unbelievably, more than 165 million cups of tea are consumed every day. The word chai, ubiquitous in many countries, derives from the ancient Chinese for ‘bitter herb’ and found its way from Persia with tea along the Silk Road over 1500 years ago.

Here we offer you a selection of green, black and rooibos tea bases with a range of fruits, flowers and exotic flavours. These teas from around the world will take you on a journey of discovery through a variety of tastes, colours and aromas.

Each of the ingredients are individually packed in round clear containers and holds between 10-13 grams of tea. Four containers are held in an elegant clear gift tube measuring approximately 150mm in length.

::Persian Tea House::

Tea found its way to Persia from India through the Silk Road and soon became its national drink. Most streets had a Chaikana (Tea House) and they were important social meeting places.

Our blend of tea, flowers and fruits may well have been one of those favourites of Persian tea houses with its mixture of Green tea, freeze-dried whole red currants, flavouring, pomegranate arils, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, mallow blossoms.

::Green Rooibos::

Harvested in South Africa's Eastern Cape region this unique green rooibos or redbush tea is processed differently than the standard redbush tea, to limit oxidization and fermentation.

With a higher content of anti-oxidants and polyphenols and a grassy note with a natural sweetness, this tea is caffeine free.

::Japanese Garden::

A blend of Japanese Kukicha Green Tea & citrus with the smell of oranges, lemongrass and eucalyptus. Kukicha tea is naturally low in caffeine, with a nutty, creamy taste. The overall sweet and sour taste of this blend contains notes of blackberry, apple and tangerine.

::Arabian Nights::

With green Gunpowder Tea from Hunan China, spearmint and natural crisped mint flavours and widely consumed in the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant.

Central to life in most Arab countries, green mint tea is a traditional sign of hospitality and is often served in glasses.

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