Five Artisan Home Bakers Salts

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For those who loved Bake-Off comes Five Artisanal Baking Salts for the Home Baker. Flavour your Bakes with botanical flavours and make those bakes come alive.


Ancient civilizations have clustered around rivers and sea coasts as salt has formed an important part of healthy living.

Flavoured salts give bread and savoury pastry finger-licking tastes. Using herby salts to flavour Batters and Bread Crumbs creates flavours in fish or vegetables like no other. Say goodbye to bland pastry, tasteless bread and batters from now on!

Artisan Tea and Spice brings together its exclusive range of Artisanal salts combining natural herbs from across Europe delicately blended into natural sea salt. Use these in place of salt in home bread-making machines, in savoury pastry cases and batters and coating bread crumbs.

These variety of salts are packaged in clear food grade containers containing 30-40gms each. Five tins are packaged in an elegant clear tube enclosed in a brown postal tube.

The five salts provide a choice of flavours each reflecting the season when the flavours are at their natural best. They are natural, vegetarian and ideal for vegans too.


Simple, yet flavourful, rosemary, garlic and salt has been one of the most robust flavourings for breads like foccacia or even home-made everyday bread. Fresh herbs have been carefully dried and blended with just the right amount of sea salt to create a perfect combination. Breads made from this salt can be served with good olive oil for dipping.


Harvested in the late Mediterranean spring, the flavours of Olive, Tomato and Basil create the subtle flavours of spring in this salt. Though reminiscent of Italy, these are distinctly Mediterranean flavours of the beautiful spring harvest. Passionate bakers believe that this salt reflects the colour, flavour and taste of the Mediterranean coast in its bread.


Just like the Monsoon brings life to the garden, this flavour of salt brings a celebration of flavours and taste. Dense with green herbs, this salt concentrates the flavour of herbs to give a broader taste range to the palette. Due to its versatility, this herb salt creates intense flavours and colour in the bread. Adding at least 2 tablespoon of nut or seed oil to the bread makes these herbs come alive and every morsel will have a burst of herby indulgent flavour.


The familiar flavour of thyme and parsley imparts some of the most subtle flavours to home-baked bread. The earthiness of thyme is mellowed by the grassy freshness of the parsley and this combination creates the perfect flavours of autumn for warm freshly-baked bread at this time of the year. Soak the light thyme and parsley salt in lightly warm oil for at least one hour before adding to the proved dough. Bake like normal. Enjoy this bread with butter or soy butter. Its excellent sprinkled on loaded pizza's just before baking.


This is the most intense of all our salts. Packed with oodles of sunshine, the citrus flavours creates sharp intensity in pastry bases for key lime pies, lemon cheesecake and quiches. Adding just half a teaspoon of this salt to the pastry base before baking gives that edge to your dessert. It makes bread crumb toppings extra special when used for gratinated vegetable or fish. Try it and you'll never find anything this satisfying. Yum!!

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