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The Ultimate Pick and Mix Gift Box (4x bars) - Organic Vegan

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Looking for gifts for a vegan? Look no further - we got your back!

Pick and mix from our 5 incredible flavours and leave a personalised message for your loved one.

Creamy Milkless Chocolate
Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate
Salted Caramel Chocolate
Raspberry White Chocolate
Matcha White Chocolate

Sometimes the old ways of doing things need revisited and revised. 
At Fellow Creatures, we simply set out to make chocolate. Chocolate that’s harmless. We believe that us humans are innately good and most of us would never deliberately hurt our fellows. Although, most of us also don’t know what goes behind the scenes. 
By now, you may be realising that the production of dairy, and therefore chocolate, involves the exploitation of mother cows for their milk. 
Us humans continually strive to progress for the better. We are fighting gender inequality, calling out on racism and bash homophobia. We try to eat well, be on time, drink enough water, or do yoga. 
This may be just chocolate. But it’s part of something bigger.


Creamy Milkless Chocolate raw cane sugar*, cocoa mass*, cacao butter*, coconut cream* (12%), sunflower lecithin*, bourbon vanilla*.
Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate raw cane sugar*, cacao mass*, cacao butter*, coconut cream*, hazelnuts* (10%), sunflower lecithin*, bourbon vanilla*.
Salted Caramel Chocolate dried coconut blossom nectar*, cacao butter*, coconut cream* (13%), tiger nut powder*, himalaya salt* (0.5%), sunflower lecithin*.
Raspberry White Chocolate raw cane sugar*, cacao butter*, coconut cream* (10.7%), tiger nut powder*, dried raspberries* (3%), sunflower lecithin*, natural berry flavor*. 
Matcha White Chocolate raw cane sugar*, cacao butter*, coconut cream*, tiger nut powder*, matcha tea powder* (2,5%), sunflower lecithin*, lemon oil*.
*From organic agriculture.

Allergy Information May contain nuts.

Storage Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life 12 months

Delivery Information Delivered within 3-5 working days. 

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