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Enjoy sampling a selection of delicious recipes, from all around the world - with free delivery!


Inside each of kit you’ll find the freshly ground spice blends measured out to make a fantastic meal for 4 people. Simply add the fresh ingredients (i.e. meat, veg) which are all easily available from any supermarket (or are likely to be already at home!) It's easy to impress your friends and loved ones by creating authentic flavours from around the world, and discover new ingredients and cooking techniques along the way.

Each kit (4 in total) contains 2-4 bags of fragrant spices and spice blends, ready measured out with a recipe card to make a family friendly meal for 4 people. The exact spices are listed on the recipe card and allergens are clearly labelled.

This collection contains:

 • 1 x Jalfrezi with Lemon Raita
 • 1 x Methi Chicken with Pilau Rice
 • 1 x Moroccan Tagine with Rose Petal Harissa
 • 1 x Persian Khoresht with Sabzi Polow

Jalfrezi with Lemon Raita - a delicious curry consisting of meat, peppers and onions all fried together in a thick, rich and spicy sauce.

Methi Chicken with Pilau Rice - a really distinctive and appetising scent that you instantly associate with Indian restaurants.

Moroccan Tagine with Rose Petal Harissa - a sweet, fruity and fragrant dish - making this a delicious family favourite!

Persian Khoresht with Sabzi Polow - a fragrant Persian stew flavoured with cinnamon, cumin, saffron and dried black lime.