Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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A distinct Extra Virgin Olive Oil which originates from the olive variety named 'Koroneiki'. This olive variety creates a wonderful, fruity-mild and aromatic extra virgin olive oil. This Product comes in a 500ml bottle.


This Extra Virgin Olive Oil originates from Mani, on the Southern Peloponnese, in Greece. The Olives are hand picked approximately 25 Kilometres South of Kalamata, in Kambos Avias, a small village, which lies at 500 meters altitude in the middle of the beautiful Taygetos Mountains.

The aroma of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil reminds of fresh cut grass and the extraordinary taste reminds of artichokes, apples and bananas.

After daily harvest the olives are brought, max. 24 hours after harvest, in linen sacks (in order to let the olives breath) to the modern olive mill, where the creator's green gold is won through cold extraction.

The Olives which are used to produce this wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil are grown in the beautiful region of Mani which is characterised by long, dry summers and mild winters. Most of the Olive groves are seated on terraces.