Extra Hot Habanero and Naga Sauce – Reason

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Reason is the East Coast Chilli Company's extra hot habanero and naga sauce!

1 x 152g bottle of Reason Sauce.
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Reason is the East Coast Chilli Company's extra hot habanero and naga sauce!

Hot to trot! Our hottest hot sauce. It's real hot! Yes, it's hot but what sets this sauce apart is that it's also jam-packed full of flavour. We use three types of chilli, well considered and carefully blended to deliver a well-rounded dynamite heat on all levels and a great big wallop of flavour too.

Mild cascabel chillies provide a smoky and almost chocolaty richness. The mighty habanero lends a more fruity flavour and finally the naga (or ghost) chilli, one of the world's hottest, combined with mustard , lends a more peppery burn and gives a body blow of heat right from the get-go.

Finally, we use aromatic herbs and spices to seal the deal. No chemicals, no extracts, no ingredients whose names you can't pronounce. This is pure fire and the real deal. Some like it hot, and Lord knows we do, but heat should never ever replace taste. A sentiment shared by the Guild of Fine Food in awarding this a gold star. This sauce is a strategic full-on asasault of your taste buds!

Ingredients: White vinegar, Habanero chillies, water, onions, garlic, Naga/Ghost chillies, Cascabel chillies, herbs and spices, mustard powder, salt, white pepper.

Allergy information: contains mustard.