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Ethiopian Reserve Single Origin Coffee

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250g bag of single origin whole beans, just-roasted in our central London roastery.

Sibu Coffee, since 2014 this family-owned company is processing coffee in their 3 washing stations in Karcha Guracho and Hambala Damedabaye villages, between Sidamo and Yrgacheffe . They also provide nursery and farm support to approximately 3,000 farmers in the area; 300 farmers contributed to our amazing Ansara lot.

<p>Tasting Notes: Blueberry. Pomegranate, Dark Chocolate</p><p>Body: Silky</p><p>Process: Natural, sun-dried</p><p>Origin: Guji, Oromia</p><p>Altitude: Above 1900m</p><p>Best As: Black Coffee</p>

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