Proper Classic Speciality Mayonnaise

Beginning three years ago, Marcin decided to pursue his passion and build a business based in Chelmsford, Essex. The premise? ‘Proper Classic’ mayonnaise encapsulating the essence of Essex society, all of their mayonnaise is made using a special blend of the highest quality ingredients. Essex Garden Foods is a member of ‘A Taste of Anglia’, which supports and promotes the food and drink industry across the country. They have also been supported by the Essex Innovation Programme that helps get businesses off the ground and, as well as Nwes Enterprise, a not for profit agency which provides complex business support. Proper Classic speciality mayonnaise are high quality products with a great taste and are made to Essex Garden Food's own original recipe. They contain pasteurized free-range eggs, a unique blend of onions, sweet and sour pickled gherkins and vegetables.

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