English Pear Juice (case of 24) 250ml

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The sweet and juicy Conference pear, the mellow earthy Comice and the vanilla noted Concorde are hand-picked and blended together to produce a mouth-watering mixture. We offer a free delivery service and have no minimum orders.

The Bardsley Family have been growing pears for more than five generations. On the sun drenched south facing slopes overlooking the Weald of Kent is where these beautiful English fruits can be found. Hand-picked; it's the blend of the sweet and juice Conference pear, the mellow earthiness of the Comice and the Vanilla notes of a Concorde that combine to produce this wonderfully refreshing juice drink.

24 bottles per case

25cl per bottle

Ingredients: 100% pear juice

Citric & Antioxidant (l-ascorbic acid) added to delay discolouration.

Shelf life approx. 12 months

We offer a free delivery service and have no minimum order.  

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