Elderflower Vinegar & Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Perfect for gourmet cooks, this condiment set includes our award-winning Elderflower Vinegar & delicate arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Award winners: Elderflower vinegar, Great Taste Award 2017 winner. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Arbequino' awarded Bronze at the Los Angeles International Compeitition 2017.

Tangy elderflower Vinegar 350ml - Normandy, France
Fresh elderflower infused in a cider vinegar aged in wooden barrels. A deep golden hue with delicious elderflower notes on the nose, and a pleasing complex floral finish. Maison Le Paulmier is a small chateau nestled in the Pays d’Auge, in the heart of Normandy creating inspired vinegars and ciders.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Arbequino' 500ml - Huesca, Spain
100% Arbequina variety
0.1% Acidity
Intense fruity green olive flavour with strong notes of green grass, almonds and walnuts. Mildly spicy and very slightly bitter on the palette with a persistent almond aftertaste.
Cata de Oro EVOO is made using traditional and sustainable farming methods.

EVOO: 100% Arbequina olive oil.
vinegar: fresh elderflower 5%, mother of vinegar (acetic acid fermented from a blend of 2 years aged apple cider and apple brandy)