NEW! Edible Strawberry Straws for Cocktails! 20 gourmet flavoured straws.

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Liven up your drinks with strawberry flavoured, edible straws! It's the exciting way to impress your guests.

Imparting delicate strawberry notes, they are perfect for G&T's or Vodka drinks and great for livening up a soda or tonic. Made from sugar, starch and natural flavours they will last 30 minutes in a drink and can be 'nibbled' as you drink.

Use them like a normal straw, they are individually wrapped and come in packs of 10.

Please note, these are gluten free and not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


A fresh, gourmet idea to jazz up your cocktails and other drinks for home entertaining, parties, events and weddings. Introducing our strawberry flavoured edible straws!

New to the market, our edible strawberry flavour straws are designed to add a fun, bright and colourful twist to a drink, be it a gin, vodka or cream based cocktail. They are also delicious in non-alcoholic sodas and tonics for those who don't drink. Made from sustainable sugar and starch, this ensures that they will last for 30 minutes in a drink, which is long enough for the drink to be consumed. They are strong enough to be used for your guests to handle as they would normal straws, thus will not break, for instance, as the drinker stirs their beverage.

The strawberry straws are balanced in flavour, so they will not impair the taste of your drinks; instead you will experience a subtle but noticeable flavour. They are fun to nibble on, though we suggest leaving it in the drink for a few minutes first, to slightly soften them, and to nibble from the bottom up. The flavour, as you will expect, is stronger when nibbled. They are a great alternative to plastic straws and are sure to get your friends and family talking.

Our straws are 19 cm (7.5 inches) long, so are suitable for tall glasses ('Hi Ball' and 'Slim Jim' style glasses). You could break them into 'twos' for shallower glasses.

Our straws add a touch of elegance for cocktails and other drinks you may be serving at home to family and friends. Our customers use them for parties they are putting on at home, weddings and other events.

Each pack of 20 (individually wrapped) strawberry flavour straws comes in a cardboard sleeve with a shelf life of over 12 months. However, long shelf life items will always lose flavour over time, so we suggest using them sooner rather than later.

Our colourful, edible strawberry flavour straws will last half an hour submerged in liquid giving you plenty of time to enjoy your drinks. Although they are listed in packs of 10 and 20, bespoke quantities and flavour mixes are very possible. Please just get in touch to discuss.

Please note that we regret these items are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. However they are gluten free.

A pack of 20 is £9.99 plus £1.49 postage and packing.