DulciBella Marshmallows

Buy Dulcibella Marshmallows online at BoroughBox. My world is perfumed with the scent of Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, I peer through clouds of icing sugar, my fingers are flecked with Sunshine Yellow, Dusky Pink and Party Green. The joy of discovering new flavour combinations... I can do this! I can do that! What have I done in the past? Well........ I have enjoyed a varied career, life should never follow a straight road, diversions can take you on a journey you never anticipated. Now a confectioner or to use a trendy term- a mallowist! It took months to develop a recipe and technique to enable the piping and filling of a marshmallow, studying the science of sugar, learning you cannot pour a failed batch of marshmallow batter down the sink without disastrous consequencies, burnt pans, marshmallow batter too thick, then too thin, never answer the phone or the door when boiling sugar- no distractions. My friends and family have become long suffering marshmallow guinea pigs "Try This" has become my war cry! You live and learn, several years on I'm travelling down the marshmallow road of life, excited about where it is taking me!


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