Downtown Tokyo - Teriyaki Craft Jerky

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Farm Gate to Plate. Using our Olde English family recipes, the CopperNose Bros make some of the craftiest all natural "naked" British jerky in the country. Inspired by You, Crafted by Us... are you ready to get naked?


Back in the 80s, Uncle Jim Coppernose took a trip over to the Land of the Rising Sun in order to meet with some potential business partners. Feeling as though he needed to take the edge off, Jim visited downtown Tokyo and stopped for some local cuisine and libation. Long story short, Jim had never heard of Sake before his visit but hasnt touched the stuff since. When he woke up in his hotel room the next morning he feared the worst. However, in one hand was an empty Teriyaki bottle and in the other a note that read, Lets do business. To this day all Jim can remember is the bright neon light of Downtown Tokyo. Coppernose Teriyaki Craft Jerky was born.