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A brand new Islay malt Scotch whisky inspired by Scotland's illicit whisky makers who were known as PeatReekers.


Our multiple award-winning whisky is based on Scotland's 18th century whisky makers known as the PeatReekers, so called because the smell of peat clung permanently to their clothes, who produced the Nations' favourite whiskies. They were the brave few who defied Royal decree to produce illegal whisky and evade the taxman. Think US prohibition and speakeasy bars…just add in a few kilts.

We fell in love with the many stories of the PeatReekers that ranged from stealing back confiscated whisky to staging funerals in order to transport whisky away from the prying eyes of the exciseman. So, three centuries on, we have decided to embrace their renegade spirit and struggle against the establishment by bottling our own range of innovative whiskies. This bottling is our first release and is named Double Standard after the corrupt excisemen who would turn a blind eye in exchange for a few bottles of contraband whisky.

Our tasting notes are provided by leading whisky expert Blair Bowman and are as follows:

Colour - Antique Brass

Nose - Fresh wood shavings, honeysuckle and dried apricots with dusty leather bound books. Salty peat smoke lingers in the background with hints of tarmac and spices.

Palate - Boiled sweets mingle with peat fires and vanilla pods. Then digestive biscuits and milk chocolate. Spicy, smoky and warming with a creamy mouth-feel.

Finish - Long with wisps of sweet smoke.

So join us and raise a glass to Scotland's forgotten distillers!